About Us

About Us

Hello and thank you for your interest in us and our company Scooter-Outfitters. We are Located at 19 Santee lane, Beaufort SC 29906. We are a service center for Scooters we sell. Service what we sell and our customer comes first.

Scooter-Outfitters is a Family Owned and Operated Business. Scooter-Outfitters is here to serve you and all your online store purchases as well as those special motorsports needs.

Scooter-Outfitters has a desire to make our customers happy and satisfied in their shopping experience. Scooter-Outfitters wants to make sure our customers get the best for their hard earned money and take care of them with any problems they may have in the future.

Scooter-Outfitters wants you to know that we are here to take care of your orders and make sure they are sent to you in a timely fashion. Our customers are important and we want them to understand that, because an enjoyable shopping experience will always bring back repeat business and that is what we are here for.

Who are we? We are just your neighborhood Store bringing you the best in motorsports and and other outfitting items. Scooter-Outfitters is here for you.

Scooter-Outfitters will try to assist you in what ever you need and provide you with the best care for your Scooter. Our shop is available to help fix our Customers Scooter, 4 wheeler, Go-Kart, etc. We have Mechanics to fix your issues and some mechanics in training to help in the smaller jobs like Tire maintenance, assembling Scooters, Go-Karts.

Once again we want to say We are a Family Owned and operated Christian business looking to treat our customers with a Smile and good Service. This Business also supports Streets of America Homeless Outreach Ministry. You can see more about Streets of America Ministry at: ( http://www.streetsofamericaministry.com )
We Support and help with our Homeless that are living under the Bridges and living in the Wooded area's in tents or Cardboard boxes.
23% of our Homeless in America are Military Veterans. Some people are homeless because they want to be and many are homeless without a choice.

We are Strong Supporters also for our Troops, and are strong believers in helping our Homeless.  This makes us stronger in helping our Customers.

Thank you for Shopping here at Scooter-Outfitters and God Bless.